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Here it is ladies and gentlemen! An interview with a professional domme, who we will call WeeAngel. She graciously accepted my request to interview her on what she does best. Enjoy!

JiBMonkeY a'ight, hmm....let's start from the beginning...How and when did you first become interested in what you are now?
WeeAngel It started when I was very very young. Before puberty hit. I was 12 years old. I didn't know what it was called but I knew there was something different about how I was thinking and of course I thought it was evil and wrong but it didn't stop me from thinking about it and getting my hands on any small tid bit of information I could find in the public library.
I guess I was born with it.
JiBMonkeYI see. So, tell me about the first time you busted balls.
WeeAngel I have to think back a bit. Trying to remember who was first! lol
JiBMonkeY lol, take yer time
WeeAngel Ok. It would be one of my first slaves. He was extremely interested in this life style and literally begged and pleaded for me to train his sorry ass.
I started training him over the phone and soon met him afterwards. He lives in Saint John so not so far of a drive to meet up.
I actually went to his home in the day time where there was no one else at home. Rather convenient.
He was nude when I walked in and his legs were spread wide and his head was down. I walked in and grabbed his little balls and squeezed...then lead him by his balls into the livingroom.
I walked around him and touched his body here and there where I wished and he simply stood there not moving.
I would slap his ass every once in awhile or grab and pull his nipples. He wouldn't say a word...but had a huge smile on his face.
I would reach between his legs and play with his balls....pulling them...and letting them bounce back.
drumming my fingers on them and making them bounce.
I knew he was in sweet agony as they were full and he was very erect.
Go figure.
JiBMonkeY lol
WeeAngel I got up nice and close to him and put my hands on his shoulders and started to rub my leg back and forth pressing against his balls.
He would let out a small agonizing moan but that's it.
I let my knee down and stared at him...neither of us moving.
Then B A N G! Up went my knee and down he dropped!
It was beautiful!
JiBMonkeY Very nicely done!
WeeAngel Why thank you kind sir.
JiBMonkeY np
WeeAngel I wouldn't let him rub them.
He wanted to of course.
JiBMonkeY of course...
WeeAngel It was a delight to watch him squirm...especially when I told him that as soon as he recovered he had to stand up again.
He was coming around and I made him stand up. I taunted him saying I was going to do it again.
If one has never felt their balls being busted...the real fear comes when they have experienced it.
I reached for the balls and rubbed them....non too gentle and he would squirm and almost try to move away.
One look from me made him stop moving.
I would continue to taunt him telling him I was going to do it again.
Teasing is such sweet pleasure.
I would bounce the balls and he would almost be dancing.
They were obviously very very sensitive at this point.
JiBMonkeY Naturally
WeeAngel I sat down on the couch and had him face me. I made him masterbate.
Just the simple tugging jarred his balls and he would squint a bit. I loved it. When he was close to a climax I would reach under and squeeze and pull on those balls until he went soft.
I made him do this four or five times.
JiBMonkeY how mean! I love it!
WeeAngel Delish!
He didn't know when I was going to do him again. I would just tell him to start over. Every time he got another erection I would make him play until he got to the edge and made him stay there as long as possible.
When you do this the balls fill up fast...not that they were not already full. And just having them busted did not help matters! He was in agony at this point...and he was literally begging for release.
The poor boy.
JiBMonkeY lol, next question?
WeeAngel sure.
JiBMonkeY So, is that the first time kicking a man in the balls, or did you do it a lot when you were a girl?
WeeAngel No...that was the first time.
JiBMonkeY Before you had actually done it, what intrigued you about going to the gusto?
WeeAngel Oh I adore watching a man suffer. Nothing more entertaining in my world!
JiBMonkeY What is you favourite method of ball torture?
WeeAngel I can only pick one? LOL
JiBMonkeY hehe, okay, method(s)
WeeAngel tehehe
Well....lets see.... Taking one of the balls and making my thumb and finger go around it...pulling just the one ball down and flicking it with my finger nail over and over.
I love putting weights on them that hang...and then swinging the weights.
I love taking both of them in my hands and pulling down hard...but not letting the man go to his knees.
I love taking a wooden spoon to them.
JiBMonkeY Do you attatch the wights to the scrotum, or to the balls themselves?
WeeAngel Scrotum.
JiBMonkeY If you were to sack, let's say, a guy that pissed you off, would you kick, knee, punch, or squeeze? And why?
WeeAngel I'd probably knee him. Harder contact and easier aim. He'd fall down and if I were really pissed I would start kicking him when he was down.
JiBMonkeY How did you first learn about the power of a shot to the balls?
WeeAngel I don't know. I probably saw something or read something....but really...I think I always just knew as corny as that may sound.
JiBMonkeY It doesn't...I've had a few interviewees say that before....So what is your favourite part of being a Domme?
WeeAngel I guess that would be owning a slave that has total trust in me and gives me everything thing he has of himself. I have two slaves that are no-limit slaves....and they are this because of trust.
It is not a power thing to me as it is to many Dommes.....I simply enjoy doing what I do. It is a major turn on for me.
JiBMonkeY Makes more sense than the power thing... So, if you could describe the look on a man's face right when your knee, or foot, or whatever, makes contact with his balls, in 3 or 4 words, what would they be?
WeeAngel Gasping, eye popping shock!
JiBMonkeY And, reversely, what goes through your mind at that same moment of contact?
WeeAngel Pure delight and wonderment!
JiBMonkeY Do you always kick as hard as you can?
WeeAngel No.
JiBMonkeY If you did, would it likely result in several popped balls?
WeeAngel Yup. They are my toys and I don't want to permanently damage them.
There is that trust issue again. I respect my slaves and will never do permanent damage to them.
JiBMonkeYWhat if you were asked by a slave to do permantent damage?
WeeAngel I wouldn't do it.
JiBMonkeY It is really cool, btw, that you have that respect for your slaves, and that they can trust you.
WeeAngel Thank you.
JiBMonkeY So, the back to the first time you busted a guy for a sec, did he go down faster than you expected?
WeeAngelNo...he went down pretty I thought he would.
JiBMonkeY hmm...I just tryin' to think of one or two more questions....unless they is a particular ball busting story you would like to recount?
WeeAngelOh nothing out of the ordinary I guess. I don't do it too often. Only when I'm in the mood to do some damage or take out a little frustration. The slaves are good for that. lol
JiBMonkeY LoL, naturally....a'ight, any final comments?
WeeAngelI would advise anyone not to do this in anger. Do it out of pure enjoyment and entertainment. Do some research first because you want the little guys to stay healthy for the next time you wish to play.
JiBMonkeY Cool, well, I think that's about it for the interview....tanx luv
WeeAngelYou asked some really thought provoking questions. You done did good and it was my pleasure.
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