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JiBMonkey's Ball Busting Interviews

The Innocent Witnesses

Interview 1
JiBMonkey: Have you ever hit a guy in the balls?
Girl1: No
JiBMonkey: Have you ever seen it done?
Girl1: Yes
JiBMonkey: Approx. How many times?
Girl1: Twice
JiBMonkey: Describe what happened.
Girl1: i was at my friends and her brother came down n said somethin mean to her so they started rollin round play fightin then she lifed her leg up inbetween her brother n kneed him twice
JiBMonkey: How did he react?
Girl1: he rolled up into a ball n screwed up his eyes n layed there for about 5 minutes not doing anything then he called my friend a fucking bitch and their mum came in n told her to just leave him alone
JiBMonkey: What was your reaction?
Girl1: i laughed
JiBMonkey: What would a guy have to do for you to knee him in the balls?
Girl1: if they really really wound me up and said extremely nasty things to me, really personal stuff that they knew upset me n they thought was funny
JiBMonkey: How hard would you do it?
Girl1: hard enough to hurt them

Interview 2
JiBMonkey: Have you ever hit a guy in the balls?
Girl2: No
JiBMonkey: Have you ever seen it done?
Girl2: Yepp
JiBMonkey: Approx. how many times?
Girl2: ummmm maybe 3 or 4?
JiBMonkey: Do they usually knee or kick?
Girl2: knee, I guess
JiBMonkey: How does the guy usually react?
Girl2:the guy falls down and is in a lot of pain! a few of em were crying
JiBMonkey: Describe one incident.
Girl2: umm well one time it was at a friends house and she kicked my bf so I helped him up onto the couch and let him calm down...
JiBMonkey: Did she knee or kick?
Girl2: I can't remember

Interview 3
JiBMonkey: Have you ever kicked a boy in the balls?
Girl3: nope
JiBMonkey: Ever seen it done?
Girl3: yes
JiBMonkey: How many times?
Girl3: 2
JiBMonkey: Pick one of the two and describe what you saw.
Girl3: when my friend (alicia) kicked my friend (greg) in the balls for saying
she looked like a man
JiBMonkey: How did you react?
Girl3: i laughed
JiBMonkey: What happened the other time?
Girl3: my friend (melissa) kicked my friend (cody e) in the balls because
he was in her spot

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